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New York Times Feature on Guiones, Nosara, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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Surf trip to Guiones, Nosara, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Guiones is a destination for aspiring surfers (like me) and yogis (like Erin) making it an ideal trip for both of us.. The waves and studios are welcoming to all skill levels from beginner to master.

The world is such a large place, and I might never have visited if my friend, Ben, hadn’t brought the beach to my attention and invited me and Erin to rent a house there with him.

My plan was simple – two surf sessions a day punctuated with lunch and a nap. That plan was a little ambitious as in the end I had one surf session each day.

Though I’ve been paddling out a few times each year, I haven’t made the commitment necessary to advance beyond the beginner level. Surfing for me has been about enjoying “being in the water” and celebrating catching one or two waves (by necessity due to my skill level). My intent in taking a vacation focused on surfing is to kick start a habit of surfing every weekend. That’s part of the reason I initially move to LA.

I found the perfect surf coach – Luigi – at Nosaro Tico Surf School. He’s a patient and observant instructor. He went out with me everyday and taught me fundamentals I’d been ignoring for years.

The Guinoes beach break invites all comers. If you’re completely inexperienced there is a steady stream of white water breakers to get you started. If you’re a long-term beginner like me the spread out beach break let Luigi find a spot where I wouldn’t have to compete for waves. If your skilled or professional the waves can be head high and peal for a long ride. Nosara Tico sponsored a triple crown contest and the third an final leg took place during my stay so I got to see a bunch of locals strut their stuff, including my coach Luigi.

The coaching from Luigi helped my surfing in a lot of ways:
* Luigi encouraged me to observe the outside waves and determine where they’d break, whether they were breaking left or right for long rides or closing out. Lots of work ahead for me to read my local breaks as well as he reads his.
* I never noticed how little attention I’ve given to body control – especially the core I activate in yoga – when I’m paddling. Wow. More effort keeping my connection between my core, legs, and board increased giving me more stability an speed when paddling out and to catch the wave.

Now I’m ready to return to Los Angeles with a new commitment to improving my surfing skills.


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