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Day 6 – Trip to India – Mumbai – Taj Mahal Palace

Day 8 - Mumbai - Taj Mahal Palace (our hotel)We departed Varanasi for Mumbai. The first night was filled with checking into th Taj Mahal Palace in Colaba, going for a walking tour of the British Heritage district that Erin self-led, and having dinner at Golden Dragon in our hotel.
If you plan to stay at the Colaba Taj, I recommend asking for a Sea Harbor View room I the original palace hotel instead of seeking a room in the tower built in the 1970s. The hallways turn a walk to your room into a fascinating stroll as each hallway is minimally arranged with antique furniture, paintings, and sculptures. The rooms are roomy with a combination of marble and hardwood floors. Best of all of you have a Sea Harbor View room you can sit in the comfort of your room and gaze at the Gateway to India in the square below.
The walking tour Erin led was the first time we had ventured out in our own. We did so I the poshest of neighborhoods. Normally, we manage all of our own travel arrangements. This time we booked through Kensingtom tours and they filled our days with guided explorations which superceded the need to explore on our own. This first excursion was focused on seeing the grandeur of British colonial architecture in Colaba. We also stopped in to a famous cafe , Leopoldt’s for a beer.

Day 8 - Mumbai - Mandatory pic in front of Gateway to India

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