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Day 5 – Trip to India – Royal treatment in Varanasi

Day 6 - Varanasi - Breakfast with Nehru

Day 6 - Varanasi - Photo with Nehru

Erin and I had the extreme pleasure and privilege to stay at the Nadesar Palace boutique hotel owner and operated by Taj.  The property is palatial but not a proper palace. It was originally built by Britishers as a luxurious guest house. It was subsequently given to the local Maharaja who continued the tradition of using it as a guest house for distinguished guests. Each of the 11 rooms or suites is named after a person who has used the room. We stayed in a room honoring no less a.personage than Pandit Nehru the first Prime Minister of the Republic of India and a major leader in the push for independence and self-rule of an Indian nation. The room had several photos of Nehru as well as pages from the Maharaja’s guest log where he had signed in and out as a guest in the 50s.
The floors of our room were marble throughout and covered with Persian or Kashmir rugs. We had a dining table seating 6 in a large combine living and dining room and a large bedroom with study and antique four post and canopied bed. All these material luxury paled in comparison to the luxurious service. We essentially had a personal butler who proactively attended to our every need. After I had inquired about local mangoes, our butler, Neeraj, brought back a selection of three mangoes picked from the properties orchard.
There is a very special greeting and exit that I do not want to spoil for you. You will feel kingly, or queenly, through the attention the staff pays you.
In addition to our living accommodations and dining, we took three consecutive spa treatments in the on property Jiva Spa. We had a head champi, a coconut body scrub, and a full body aromatic massage. These services were all performed in a privat couples chamber with adjoining showers and steam room.
We had three wonderful meals at Nadesar Palace as well, all served by Neeraj. We had a lunch of spiced New Zealand lamb chops, a Bramhin that platter for dinner, and a sumptuous breakfast of the most delicious fruit salad I’ve ever eaten and a tasty dosa. The latter was served in our in room dining table with Erin and I sitting on opposite ends of the table for a royal meal.

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