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India – Day 3 – Taj Mahal

Day 3 - Agra - Basking in glory of Taj Mahal

We departed Jaipur for Agra at 8am. We had a six hour journey ahead of us. There were houses and business being run out of open stalls (similar to public storage units) for some way outside of Jaipur. The road was only two lanes and our driver frequently had to navigate around and alert with his horn scooters, bicycles, and larger lorries/trucks.
We only had one afternoon to see the Taj Mahal. I had envisioned sitting down on the large garden leading up to the Taj Mahal for 20 minute clips from different vantages. However due to the heat and my weakened state we only spent about  2 hours at the Taj Mahal. That was still a reasonable amount of time for Erin and I to experience it together. We explored the masuoleum, marveled at the inlaid semi precious stones, did a full circuit around the perimeter and gazed over the Yamuna river. We also posed with several Indians who requested a picture with us. I do look pretty giant compared to most Indian men and Erim has fair hair. As the Taj Mahal brings Indians from all over India to the site there were some people for which we were a sight. Furthermore, because in the heat it’s mostly Indians at the Taj Mahal in June. The request comes once form of “May we/I have a snap”.  One man handed me his one year old and took a picture of us and the boy’s mother.
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