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Los Angeles to Palomar Mountain with stops in between

We had a great weekend trip away from Los Angeles this weekend.

The focal point was Doane Valley campground in Palomar Mountain state park. This provided easy access to visit scientific history making Palomar Observatory. We extended the return home by checking out Pechanga Casino and downtown Temecula.

Doane Valley campground has distinctive campsites embedded within old oaks and cedars. Built on a slope, stone work from California’s Conservation Corps in then 1930s provides a stairway up or down to your campsite.

The park offers many hiking trails with varying terrain and flora. Some trailheads are adjacent to the campsite. The campground is primarily populated by tent campers but there are a few spots to accommodate RVs without hookups.

Probably the biggest excitement of the camping trip was having a bobcat lurk past our campsite along a dry creek bed.

That bit of feline wildlife sighting wasn’t the only wonder Whether it was fauna of a woodpecker, scrappy jay birds, or a deer distracting us from her foal or the flora of 600+ year old cedars and oaks, forests of different make ups or the stars, this campground emphasize we were connecting with nature.

Speaking of stars, nearby is one of the most important spots to gaze at the heavens. The Hale Telescope at Palomar Observatory and its brethren smaller scopes have been responsible for major breakthroughs in physics including proving general relativity and characterising the first quasar.

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