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Costa Rica – Ziplining with The Original Canopy Zipline Tour

“Did you go ziplining?” is the first thing anyone asks upon hearing the words “Costa Rica”. For years, I've free associated Costa Rica directly to ziplining through a cloud forest. The combination of “zip” and “cloud forest” has always inspired images of a lush canopy among other worldly trees shrouded in mist, whizzing past families of playful monkey scampering in the tree tops, and oddly Lando Calrissian. Over the years, this recurring image has gone from fantasy to near mythic proportions, thus as I booked my trip I felt as if I was destined to meet the gods on Mt Olympus.



Myth is a more romantic version of reality. Yes, ziplining was fun, but my expectations were too high and misinformed. I thought people went ziplining to experience the biosphere of the canopy. Thus I always assumed a naturalist was guiding among the heights and lecturing at each platform to provide context and background on the unique biodiversity in the way my naturalist guide had walked me on the forest floor earlier that morning.

The experience is more focused on the activity of ziplining itself with the cloud forest as back drop. This is why many people choose SkyTrek over The Original Canopy – they want to go big and they want to go fast. It seems more “adventure” experience than “ecotourism”

The giant, hollow ficas trees are other worldly and The Original Canopy Tour lets you climb right up the center of a 60 meter tall tree (my estimate).

With those reflections as disclaimer, why don't you go on a ride yourself with this point of view video from my visit!

Here I am swinging in the Tarzan swing


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