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Monteverde – Land of Rainbows – Hidden Canopy Treehouse


Monteverde greeted us with an epic rainbow. The rainbow sprung from the valley floor and soared far above our jeep which was roving the unpaved mountain road. I took this as a sign we were on the threshold of a magical realm.

Our lodging destination was Hidden Canopy Treehouses boutique hotel. The property is perched near the top of a mountain just below the continental divide. Thus there is an expansive view of the entire verdant valley.


The architecture of the hotel is designed around this vantage as public and private rooms feature floor to ceiling windows that bring the landscape indoors. The landscaping and reforestation on the property bring the cloud forest right up to your door. Thus the already spectacular view is enhanced by thoughtful design.

The interior enhances the experience too as both the private and public spaces exhibit the same conscious aesthetic. The private spaces (i.e. rooms and treehouses) are each individually designed with intent and inspired by people in the life of the owner Jen. The trails between the main house and tree houses lend themselves to strolling and reflection. The most frequented public space is the “common room” where Jen and her staff host a 5pm “tea time” every evening to bring guests together for conversation and a view of the sunset.

“Tea time” is a misnomer as the principle drinks are house made white or red sangria, wine, and beer. Each night promises a different savory boca (small bite) and sweet dessert. You'll appreciate this generosity even as it spoils your dinner.

The “tea time” is the perfect opportunity for your Monteverde experience to be enhanced by the personality of Jen, her first mate Natalie, the other staff, and your fellow guests. Service is sublime. The team makes a point to never let a glass go empty.

The evening bocas, evening sweets, and the complimentary morning breakfast are made in a residential kitchen. Therefore there is not a restaurant on premises. However Jen recommends ordering your evening meal in from one of three restaurants nearby. Orders can be charged to your room and enjoyed in the common area or your private room.

Erin and I stayed two nights in two different rooms. The first night we were in a treehouse suite named Eden and the second night we moved into a smaller room named Clouds that was in the main house.

The “treehouse” was much more grandiose and luxurious than I imagined. The walls, floors, and ceilings are all made of hardwood. This gave me sensation I was staying in a fancy yacht. Eden is two-stories and descending the wood encased stairway doubled the sensation of being in a state room on a yacht. Upstairs you have a living area, bathroom, and balcony. Downstairs you have a canopied king size bed, a bathroom, tremendous shower, second balcony and the piece de resistance – a four person jacuzzi encased in glass and surrounded by cloud forest. One of the floor to ceiling panes of glass can open to expose the cozy hot tub to the cool, misty ambient air.

Eden is truly a space for newlyweds to pamper themselves. The comfortable king bed is surrounded by large mirrors so that naive Adams and Eves can fully get to know each other in the biblical sense.

Although our second room was much more modest (except in respect to also having surround sound mirrors) with “only” a stone waterfall shower and no jacuzzi or living room – it does offer one of the most incredible views on the property.

Jen goes out of her way to help you enjoy your time in Monteverde and in fact all of Costa Rica as she makes herself available as your in country concierge. She's an experienced traveller herself and has visited 56 different countries.



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