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Corey Chow comes to Los Angeles

Per Se came to Los Angeles this weekend as sous chef Corey Chow brought is usually Brooklyn-based supper club to SilverLake, Los Angeles, U.S.A.

A friend hosted this evening under the stars by opening her backyard and patio to about 30 guests and turning over her kitchen to the skilled hands and palate of Corey Chow.  The evening started with cocktials prepared by Kelly Carambula of The Best RemedyEagle Rock Brewery supplied an insurmountable number of bottles of Manifesto, Revolution, and Populist.  Plus there was wine.

While I sipped my first cocktail of peach juice and whiskey I enjoyed the canapes:

  • Tiny kalua pig sanwiches with cucumber and spicy kewpie
  • Shishito peppers accompanied with Li Hing Mui salt

In retrospect I was too tentative with the canapes, I could have put away and enjoyed many more than the two of each I allocated for myself.

Corey Chow was introduced and then we moved immediately into his four course menu.

The first course was my favorite!  It was a “panzanella” salad with greenmarket tomatoes, lemon cucumbers, red onion, shisho, basil and FRIED MOCHI as a bread substitute to the traditional recipe.

We moved on to a seafood course of pan-roasted seared scallop served with a creamy orzo, compressed peaches, XO sauce, and smoked foie gras.

Third course featured a dry-aged rib eye served with bone marrow stuffed squash, woodear mushrooms, crispy trao, pea shoots, and a black bean jus.

We finished off with a black sesame panna cotta, summer melon granite (my favorite layer of the dish, I could eat layers and layers of this, especially on a hot summer’s night), and a kaffir lime mousse on top.

It was a beautiful evening and I was delighted to have attended.

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