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When is an Ensenada Fish Taco not a Fish Taco?

Answer: When it’s a La Guerrerense
seafood tostada!

You’ve likely discovered La Guerrerense by reading the post on Street Gourmet LA or watching Anthony Bourdain’s Baja episode. Nevertheless, let me encourage you to go too!

I would choose to visit La Guerrerense over any of the delicious fish taco stands. You have so many choices of fresh seafood ceviche and so many homemade jarred salsas to choose from! I chose conservatively as I was going on a fish taco safari immediately after and wanted each tostada to count. I had one mixto (fish, shrimp, etc.) and one crab salad that I saw a child enjoying. My favorite salsa was the eponymous Guerrernese. I had a bite of Erin’s equally delicious mussel tostada.

I’ll be back to explore the more intriguing sea urchin & pismo clam with avocado & the sea cucumber preparations.

P.S. Guerrerense means someone from the Mexican state Guerrero.

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