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Fish Taco = Ensenada = Fish Taco

Seeking out fish tacos is reason enough to visit Ensenada. We conducted a mini fish taco safari by referencing Bill Esparza’s thorough Ensenada Fish Taco Baja Style guide posted on Street Gourmet L.A.

We sampled three fish tacos from his list. Each were honestly better than any fish taco I’ve had in Los Angeles. Ricky’s Fish Taco and Best Fish Taco in Ensenada here in L.A. But can’t compete with the experience and repetition in frying fish that comes to the stands in Ensenada, some that have been preparing these tacos for 40 years in the same location.

The tacos very in tortilla, frying of fish, size of fish, texture, seasoning of batter, amount of batter, slice of cabbage, whether you add toppings or this done for you, and homemade salsas. I encourage you to take Bill’s suggestions and explore which style you like best.

Let me know your favorite via a comment!

Tacos Fenix Contender
Tacos Floresta contender
Fish Tacos Ensenada contender

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