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Aha! Laja!

Restaurant: Laja
Chef: Jair Téllez

We chose to have dinner at Laja the first night we stayed in Valle de Guadalupe. It’s only 5km north of the turnoff for La Villa de Valle on Route 3 so an easy outing after driving down from Los Angeles.

Laja reminded us of French Laundry due to being in a converted farm house adjacent to the garden used to source the majority of the vegetables. It is less elegant which to me is a positive as its more approachable (no jacket require, in fact the sommelier was wearing a t-shirt and shorts while jovially interacting with guests) and much less expensive.

We ate in the large dining room in the farmhouse. There is also outdoor seating with a grill menu we learned about. You can opt to sit outdoors under a sturdy old tree.

The menu is prix fixe. You have a choice of four (4) or eight (8) courses. As it was our first night we opted for the full 8 and left just full enough.

Here are photos of our courses.

Farm House and Me

First Course : Orange and Carrot Gazpacho

One of my favorite dishes. The bread and olive oil base of the gazpacho came through in an assertive way to clearly claim its role in the heritage of the soup.

Second Course : Arugula and Tomato Salad

Served a leafier arugula than I’m used to in the states, milder too.


Third Course : Yellow tail sashimi


Fourth Course : Garden vegetable cannelloni

Delicate, fresh, and tasty


Fifth Course : Grilled Whitefish

Skin was so crispy, flesh so scrumptiously flaky.


Sixth Course : Filet Mignon


Seventh Course : Lemon Verbena Panna Cotta, mango sorbet, and one raspberry.

Lemon verbena panna cotta was divine.

Eighth Course : Chocolate with cookie and Creme fraisch ice cream.


First bottle of wine


Second bottle of wine. Made by wine maker and sommelier of Laja Andrés Blanco20120704-165346.jpg


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