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The Rocket Boys and Blitzen Trapper at SXSW Music

March 16, 2012 Leave a comment

I prematurely left SXSW on Thursday afternoon for a family commitment.

I managed to attend two phenomenal shows during the day – one old favorite and one new to me.

SXSW is so great because you van just stumble upon good shows and discover new music. There were some people queued up at Maggie Mae’s which acted as a divining rod to point me to The Rocket Boys (Austin, TX) that put out a nice indie sound.

The second line that drew me in was much longer… about 50 people. I saw people with SXSW wrist bands didn’t have to wait and made good use of my wrist band to get in. Lo and behold Blitzen Trapper was what all the noise was about. I’d seen them perform from the rafters at the Hollywood Bowl and so very much appreciated the more imitate setting at The Stage on Sixth. I could see their faces real good.

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Returning to SXSW in 2013

March 15, 2012 Leave a comment

I’m on the verge of seeing my last band on my second – and final 😦 – night at SXSW. I’ve been here solo for the music portion and am actively recruiting friends to experience this with next year.

That’s the silver lining, I’ve gotten a taste and am eager to return for a main course of weekend entertainment next year. So much music and so urban compared to where my imagination goes when I consider Coachella. I am waiting for an “Occupy SXSW” with spontaneous camps, but for now it looks like the majority of people prefer to sleep in doors.

Okay. So wrapping up my second night I’ll share the bands I saw perform today. It would make me so happy if even one person got turned on to a band as a result of this post!

First up;
Oberhofer – I hadn’t realized how many of the tracks I knew until I saw them perform love. Lots of songs about separation. Please complain if I get this wrong, but I conclude, sounds like Vampire Weekend. This performance comes KCRW endorsed.

Had to see Apache Relay perform live given the chance to see them a second night in a row. Check out this Nashville, TN ensemble.

Third up:
Bleached. Three women, one male drummer. Enjoyed set.

Stumbles into a quite pleasurable country performance in an Episcapalion Church by Anais Mitchell. Reminded me of a hipster (look) Dolly Parton.

Bear Hands.




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Amazing music at SXSW – Polica and Ghostland Observatory

March 15, 2012 1 comment

Saw two tight bands sponsored by HP Cloud Sevices the night befor SXSW music started.

The opener was Polica (Minneapolis, MN) with a woman on vocals, a bass guitar, and two drummers. Lead guitar is notably missing visibly, but from the band’s sound I could not care leas that they omitted this traditional keystone of rock and roll. A good indie sound that transported me while the band was onstage.

The headliner, local artists Ghostland Observatory (Austin, TX) tore up the joint. I’ve only occasinally felt a band generate so much energy within the crowd. This is a two man crew – one Man’s vocals and the other synthesizers and whatnot. Get there music, throw a party, and hit play for a good time.



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First night of SXSW Music

March 15, 2012 Leave a comment

Even Tuesday night, which is much milder than the weekend posted a lot of energy. Whether or not you have an official pass or badge, stroll down 6th street for the energy. Many venues will allow you in with a cash cover payment. If you cam deal with the frustration of watching badges and banded SXSWers enter with priority ahead of you and you don’t want to shell out $170 for the wristband, than you might try that.

I saw two Banda last night: Apache Relay from Nashville, TN which ROCKED it and Quiet Company from Austin, TX. Most of the time I learn about new music fro
KCRW Djs, so it was cool to see excelled bands without their assistance.

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