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Mariscos Mazateña in Tijuana

Mad props to Bill Esparza of http://www.streetgourmetla.com/ for sharing his knowledge of the streets of Tijuana and local proprietors with eater Angelenos this weekend after the Baja California Culinary Festival.

Mariscos Mazateña serves Sinaloan food. Not familiar with all the state names of Mexico, I only understood what he meant by using Wikipedia. Sinaloa is one of Mexico’s 31 states and is located opposite Baja California across the Sea of Cortez. The key thing to know about ordering authentic Sinaloan tacos is that they traditionally use harina (flour) tortillas though you have your choice of harina or maiz (corn).

I had a Marlin enchilado taco composed of smoked, shredded marlin and cheese – a very rich combination. The fillings are ample so you might get by with a single taco. The marlin is smoked and the oil from the cheese draws out a red liquid making an ooey-gooey, tantalizing filling amply snuggled in the flour tortilla.

I boldly followed this first devoured taco with a pulpo (octopus) taco, not realizing it too had cheese. There’s no skimping at Mariscos Mazateña and the sliced octopus tentacles alone could feed two people.

It was delicious deliciousness. I did not order the namesake taco, which is a fried shrimp and cheese combination, but you should as it’s their specialty.

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