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Mind Blown

Anthony Bourdain, I owe you one. Had you not featured Diver XO on your 100th ‘No Reservations’ episode I would have missed out on one of the top 10 meals of my life. Thank you for featuring Chef David Muñoz and his darling wife on your show. I was able to recognize that she introduced some of our courses and appreciate that I saw Chef Muñoz while walking through
the restaurant’s lobby. Its not everyday you get to behold a culinary genius! Further thanks to Chef and Mrs. Muñoz for allowing Bourdain to record you and his meal on his show and relaxing your understandably guarded policy on photographs.

Each course was unbelievably better than the course that came prior. A symphony of flavors with movements of Spanish flavors delivered crescendoing to the falling action of dessert. Chef Muñoz combines Asian cooking techniques and dishes with Old and New World Spanish ingredients, flavors, and dishes to serve up a completely unique and engaging cuisine.

Instead of bread our meal began with edamame lightly sprinkled with coarse sea salt and black sesamee seeds paired with a dipping sauce of a Peruvian pepper that Erin wanted to enjoy as a soup.

The first course was a mussel in a béchamel foam with minuscule, briny fish roe.

Second course was a perfectly poached quail egg dumpling paired with a divine pig ear dumpling. Heaven.

Third course was crab… A Singapore bisque preparation substituted with Dpanish ingredients and flavors paired with a scrumptious deep fried Spanish spider crab.

Fourth course was a meat coarse of ox rib cooked at low temperature for 24 hours topped. Each of three delicious morsels was topped with a sheet of rice wafer which acted as a textural substitute for the fat that had completely rendered off in the process.

Desserts of custard and chocolate courses were also delicious.

Mind officially blown!

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  1. DiMom
    October 7, 2010 at 1:04 pm

    sounds wonderful. Anxious to see the pictures.

    • October 7, 2010 at 7:36 pm

      DiverXO does not allow photographs of the food so no photos.

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