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Travelling not quite as far as Christopher Columbus foe a meeting

Final full day in Sevilla was a lazy one with a late start. Somehow though I managed to put in second furthest day of walking only surpassed by our day of two guided tours in Granada.

The late start was due to going to bed after 5am the ‘night’ before. We had delicious jamon iberico with quail egg on toast, toast with sweet Roquefort and blackberry jam, and somorejo for breakfast. I walked out to the Museo del Bellas Artes unaware it would close 15 minutes after my arrival. I reached the museum and walked an equal distance along a new path to take in Sevilla’s cathedral the largest Gothic Cathedral in the World and the third largest cathedral of any type after St. Peter’s in the Vatican and London’s cathedral.

I was mainly going to climb the 34 ramps to the top if the Giralda tower a minaret from the mosque that stood before the cathedral replaced it that the christian’s could not bring themselves to destroy. It is beautiful unto itself, but also affords a 360o panoramic view of Sevilla. Well worth the 5 minute climb. Reward yourself by staying on top a while once you get up there.

I was surprised to find I found the interior of the cathedral before ascending Giralda tour. If I had known going in that is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, perhaps I would have been less taken aback by it’s grandeur. I audibly sighed at it’s grandeur.

Christpopher Colombus’s body is held within a magnificent mausoleum capped by four life sized bronze pall bearers with sculpted alabaster faces representing Spain’s four original kingdoms. Watch the video with prerecorded audio tour.

We also walked quite far after the conclusion of our futbol match to check out the Triana neighborhood across the river from the centro. On our friend Jaine’s recommendation we sat down for the best ensaladilla immune city. Unknowingly 30 minutes before the bar specializing in seafood opened at 815pm. We had thought they were closing up.

We also enjoyed a riverside stroll in this part if town as you take in the major sites on the other side of the river.

Lots if walking.

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