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First impressions of Flamenco

Fortunately, Erin and I had learned that Sevilla was holding it’s Biannual Flamenco festival during our stay before we left for Spain by way of an ex-pat’s blog. We booked a guitar performance imaging a solo guitarist.

We were delighted then to enter the theatre and fine ~8 chairs set on stage. The master and headlining guitarists was accompanied by three percussionist – 1 drummer and 2 clappers, up to 3 singers (1 man & 2 woman) and occasionally a violinist.

The beauty of the music was transcendental and stirred emotions for both Erin and myself despite are lack of comprehension for the lyrics. An older man behind us pressed his palms into his face and sobbed. Apart from the strumming and plucking of the star guitarist, my favorite performer was the male singer. He sang from deep within his soul in a booming voice and equally intense emotions projected on his face. I imagine having him as an angry father and how intimidating he might be. A great experience that encouraged us to buy tickets to a nearly sold out show in the festival the next night.

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