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Oh the people you’ll meet

Erin and I have met several travelling buddies on our trip to Spain. I trust they are enjoying my blog!

In Barcelona we met a couple from Milwaukee touring Spain’s wine regions. We met by sharing a table (and several liters of wine) in a Born plaza in Barcelona. We later met for drinks on the poolside terrace bar on top of Hotel 1898 and enjoyed delicious local food (especially an aubergine dish) at Patoxca. We will overlap again in Madrid where we are each supposed to bring a bottle of wine to share.

We met star crossed Aussie travelers in Granada. It wasn’t until our second time running into them that we met and we did not have a proper conversation with them until the third time we bumped into them in Sevilla. Our first sighting of each other had been at near adjacent tables during the best lunch of my life. We met accidentally the next day when were scheduled on the same Granada walking tour led by Cicerone and mutually introduced ourselves. One day later, now in Sevilla, Erin and I went to the courtyard of the Alfonso XIII hotel decorated as a mujedar palace for a pitcher if sangria and snacks. As we were finishing the Sangria our Aussies strolled in and we invited to join us. As a result Melbourne us now on our short list of international destinations and we are looking forward to recruiting them as local guides.

The third connection was with an English couple we shared facing seats with on the train between Granada and Sevilla. This couple had gone on a weeklong walkabout through the Sierra Nevada with stops each night in village guest houses. Interesting holiday. Their conversation made the train ride pass by quickly.

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  1. DiMom
    October 2, 2010 at 4:42 pm

    This reminds me. Did you meet with Marta in Barcelona?

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