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Restaurant Recommendation La Mar Salada

Last night we had dinner at La Mar Salada. Shortly before leaving for Spain a coworker recommended I eat at this restaurant specializing in traditional Catalan cuisine with a focus on seafood and rice dishes including Paella. My coworkers younger sister is dating the sou chef and said the food was ‘good’. Little did I know the food would be great.

We made reservations based on this recommendation without doing any additional research. Upon being seated and opening our menus. Erin was pleased to see black rice and cuttlefish listed. This was a Catalan specialty she intended to taste on the trip. The rice is prepared in a squid ink sauce, the dish was well prepared and delicious.

We also enjoyed a fried calamari appetizer, a Catalan croquet called Bombas filled with mashed potato flavored with sausage, a chilled languistino and potato salad (whole ‘cocktail’ shrimp, thick slices of potato on a bed of lettuce) that was fresh. sweet and yummy, and a crab gazpacho.

The restaurant decor is done in a pleasant Martha Stewart beach house style with cool whites and blues and a classy looking model yacht. An appropriate decor given the dining room is near the marina and serving seafood.

After enjoying our meal I walked to the men’s room and was surprised to find at least 10 articles displayed giving La Mar Salada accolades. The list included awards from Timeout Barcelona for best menu (2009) and best rice dishes including paella (2010). If that were not enough there was a photo of the chef Max Silva with Uberchef Ferran Adrià taken in La Sal de Mer. If that weren’t enough there was a front page news article with a photo of Ferran Adrià and 20 some of his alumni that had proceeded to becom executive chefs which featured and pictured Max Silva.

What a wonderful surprise from attending a restaurant based on a coworker’s recommendation and no prior research. I recommend you go too!

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