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Relaxing in Madrid at Medina Mayrit

Whether you flew to Madrid in first class or coach, immediately, upon arrival, you should pamper yourself by soaking your body in the Arabic baths at Medina Mayrit http://www.medinamayrit.com/ near Plaza de Sol. The baths have been renovated to replicate the experience of cool, brick underground baths with archways and vaulted ceilings. Reservations are required limiting the number of people you share the large pools with and silence is enforced to create a respectful atmosphere and the sense of a sacred space.

The baths include three pool set at three different temperatures and a Turkish bath (steam room). The pools are maintained individually at warm, luke warm, and bracingly cold temperatures. For true heat you must enter the Turkish bath. Shock your circulatory system by dipping in the frigid pool upon exiting the steam room.

Expect the pools to be small so that when you visit you’ll be impressed by there size. The warm and lukewarm pulls are in separate rooms but visible to one another through an arched portal.

Depending on how comfortable your flight was, you may want to book the optional 15 minute massage. We took advantage of this service. It’s a sort experience, so if you’re saving euros I’d say the massage is not necessary. The baths are sufficiently soothing.

I blissed out several times while soaking/floating in the pools. I focused on my breathing and transported myself to the present. Amazing experience.

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